Integrated Logistics is the small package industry’s leading provider of Financial Management Tools for the Logistics and Supply Chain Professional.
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What Integrated Logistics can do for you

We use our state of the art web based technology to provide the necessary technical tools, data analysis, and consulting expertise our clients require. We align ourselves as true partners with our customers, collectively driven to reducing expense, improving financial management and providing mission-critical business information.

With a combined team of logistics and IT professionals who share extensive expertise in the industry, we enable you to go to the next level in managing your costs, vendors, contracts, and operations. Integrated Logistics is a versatile component of your business process management, capable of interfacing with any system and eager to take your business to the next level.

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  • Shippers May Face the Largest Rate Increase Ever in 2015...
    When you combine the DIM rule change announced by FedEx in May, and matched by UPS in June; with the pending January general rate increase customers may face as much as a 30% increase in cost. Contact us to see how our customers are eliminating the impact through our 200 point audit process and cost reduction strategies.

    Chick or the Egg...
    In May, FedEx announced the DIM rule change which has the potential to increase the cost of a small package shipment by as much as 90%. In a move not surprising to our expert industry staff, UPS was not far behind when they matched the FedEx announcement the next month. There are many questions around the carrier reasoning for the increase, and not many details on customer impact being provided. One thing we know for sure is that our customers are benefiting from understanding of the impact before it shows up on an invoice. Contact us to find out how our customers are managing this process.

    FedEx reports 37% increase in profits in for first quarter ended August 31, 2014...

    FedEx Investor Relations
  • June 2013 (Recertified)
    Integrated Logistics is very proud to be SSAE 16 Certified and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant.

    With a SSAE 16 certified operation, we are able to provide credible proof to our customers, both domestic and abroad, that their critical data is secure and managed within the strict guidelines of the certification.
  • June 2013
    ANNOUNCEMENT: Integrated Logistics introduces new Claims Processing program to its customers.

    With the new Integrated Logistics Claims Processing Program, customers now possess the confidence of having their cost recovered for lost and damaged packages.